Jung Club FAQs

What is The Jung Club?: The Jung Club Rewards Program is a free loyalty and referral program for account holders on jungmaven.com. Members earn points for completing designated actions (for example, signing up for the program, following @jungmaven on instagram, or making purchases on Jungmaven.com).  

How do I join The Jung Club: Sign up here. Your Jung Club account is the same login as your Jungmaven.com account. You may access your Rewards account information here (just be sure you are logged in to see your personal history). 

How can I earn points?:  Members earn points for completing eligible actions (for example, signing up for the program, following @jungmaven on instagram, or making purchases on Jungmaven.com). Scroll to the “WAYS TO EARN POINTS” section on the Jung Club home page to view and take part in our current opportunities. You should receive points in your account within 24 hours once you complete a qualified action (but it’s usually much faster). *Please be sure you are logged in when taking any actions - especially placing any orders - to earn points.*

How can I refer a friend?: You can refer friends from the referral page or the Jung Club home page.  Enter your friend’s email address to have your unique referral link emailed to them or click the icons to copy your unique referral link to give to your friends. Your referred friend can use this link to place an order with a $20 off code valid on all orders $100+ on jungmaven.com. When that purchase is complete, you will earn $20 (in points) to your Jung Club Rewards account. Please note, referred friends must be new customers to jungmaven.com; the code will not be valid for users who have purchased before.

To grab your personal referral link at any time, you can navigate to the referral page and choose "Copy Link." You must be logged in to your Jung Club account.

How can I redeem my points?: Rewards points can be redeemed for cash discounts at checkout. When you are logged in there will be an option on the checkout page to redeem your point rewards; there is no code needed.  

How do I check my points balance?: Your up-to-date points balance is displayed towards the top of the Jung Club home page when you are logged in.  If you don't see them or your in ShopPal please click check out as a guest.

Do my points expire? Yes, points expire after two years of inactivity.

Can I use my reward points and a promo code at the same time?  Sorry no doubling up, it is one or the other.

What if I don't see my reward points at checkout? Please be sure you are logged in and do not choose Shop Pay, Apple Pay or Express Pay, as that option will bypass all screens that you could enter any discount codes or points!  Click on alternative payment methods in the Shopify checkout or check out as a guest.

What happens to my points if I make a return? When you make a return and your refund is processed, points earned for the purchase(s) will be deducted from your account.

What are the Jung Club Tiers: We currently offer two rewards tiers: GREEN (cumulative spend of $0-$999) and MAVEN (cumulative spend over $1,000). Your cumulative spend is the total amount of money you’ve spent with Jungmaven.com starting Jan 1, 2020, minus any discounts or returns/refunds. Points for dollars spent began accumulating April 1, 2020.

Need more info?  email our customer care customerservice@jungmaven.com.