Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth and can sequester excess atmospheric carbon to help reverse !

Hemp material dates back as far as 8,000 B.C.E., Both Presidents Washington and Jefferson grew it, Betsy Ross sewed the first American Flag with it, it's easy to grow in every state.  

Founder Robert Jungmann started Manastash while attending college in Washington State in '93. After selling Manastash he began Jungmaven with the vision to get "Everyone in a Hemp Tee by 2020" to mitigate climate change. 

To date, Jungmann has sold or given away approximately 1.5 million hemp products, furthering the company’s mission to raise hemp awareness.

Jungmann has used apx. 420 tons of hemp to build the 1.5 million hemp products stretching over 22 years. Each ton of hemp grown represents 1.63 tons of CO2 absorption in the field. To our calculation, by growing and working with hemp we've taken apx. 684 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere, saved apx. 1 billion gallons of fresh water and prevented 500 thousand pounds of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizer that eventually would have ended up in our food and water supply if our production were 100% cotton.

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