Baja Pocket Tee

Baja Pocket Tee

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Built from the iconic fabric we developed in 1996, the Baja tee was born in the jungle but wears well anywhere. A founderโ€™s favorite with a slightly slubby but soft texture, the Baja is a staple tee.

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    • Men's Sizing

      Women should typically size down, but fit is best determined by referencing the size chart. 'Men's Sizing' indicates sizing based on standard garment manufacturing terms, and is not meant to suggest gender identity.

    • 55 Hemp/45 Organic Cotton - Jersey
    • 7 oz
    • Garment Dyed

      The finished garment is washed in color, rather than dying the fabric prior to cutting and sewing. This results in subtle variations of color and a softer texture. Washed White is not garment-dyed.

    Compare Men's Tees

    Compare Men's Tees

    14 COLORS
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    Jung Tee

    Fit: Unisex
    Fabric Blend: 55 Hemp/45 Organic Cotton - Jersey
    Fabric Weight: 5 oz
    Additional Info:

    Same shape as the Baja Tee, but 2 oz lighter. Available with a pocket + in long sleeve.

    Basic Tee | Jungmaven Hemp Clothing & Accessories / model_desc: Shen is 6โ€™2โ€ wearing LBasic Tee | Jungmaven Hemp Clothing & Accessories / Color:
    16 COLORS
    New Colors

    Basic Tee

    Fit: Men's Sizing
    Fabric Blend: 30 Hemp/70 Organic Cotton - Jersey
    Fabric Weight: 3.6 oz
    Additional Info:

    Lightest weight core tee, best for warmer weather or as a base layer.