The Dope Lake Tee with Reel Rock

In 1976, a plane full of high-grade, Colombian weed crash landed in the backcountry of Yosemite National Park. Before the rangers caught wind of its contents, Camp 4 climbers hiked through the snow of the Merced Pass to hack the massive bags out of a frozen lake. The result is one of the most legendary moments in Yosemite climbing history. 

We teamed up with Reel Rock, who retold this story in their stellar climbing documentary "Valley Uprising" to create an updated hemp version of the iconic "I Got Mine" tee, which benefits the Yosemite Climbing Association. We only made a few of these, so get yours now:

Jungmaven x Reel Rock Collab Tee


A portion of the proceeds from each purchase will to to the YCA, the non-profit responsible for Yosemite's annual Facelift events and the new Yosemite Climbing Museum.


For 15 years and counting, REEL ROCK has been sharing the stories of the climbing community. They produce films that celebrate the human side behind climbing’s great adventures–such as feature documentaries like The Dawn Wall and Valley Uprising, and their recent film available on Netflix: The Alpinist