Hemp will take good care of you, especially if you take good care of it. Here are our suggested guidelines for taking the best care of your hemp garments:
  • Machine wash with like colors cool, tumble dry low heat. 
  • Do not use bleach or other use cleaners like oxi-clean or products with enzymes
  • Do not wash hemp textiles with towels or garments with zippers or velcro. This will cause abrasion and pilling.

Hemp gets softer with use and after each wash, but if you feel the need for additional softener a commercial softener may be used. We suggest finding environmentally friendly and chemical-free options. An alternative way to soften hemp is wash in hot water followed by a tumble dry, and repeat two or three times.


Use a hot iron while the hemp is still slightly damp after washing. Stretch the damp piece to its natural size and shape before ironing. Iron the 'wrong' (underside) first, to preserve the texture of the fabric. 

About Hemp Fabric:

Hemp fibers are far stronger and more durable than their cotton and synthetic counterparts, resulting in garments that a very long time. The strength of hemp creates textiles that get softer with age and repeated washing, but won't lose integrity or shape like generic cotton.

Hemp clothing is also breathable, naturally moisture-wicking and resistant to mold and fungi. Hemp also sheds dirt more readily than other materials, and after each wash your garments will feel incredibly fresh. 

Please note you can lay flat or line dry lighter weight garments however do not expose to direct sunlight as this could cause fading.