Jungmaven founder Robert Jungmann has been working with hemp textiles since 1993.

photo by Cole Maness

Jungmaven works with natural dyes indigo, black tea, coffee and uses tie dye techniques, hand painting shirts and a process called batiking which takes patience and time.

photo of Matt Hickey of Be Kind Vibes

Our goal is to get everyone in a Hemp T-Shirt by 2020. The more farming of industrial hemp the better for the environment. Hemp cleans oxygen, water and nourishes the land. Hemp uses very little to no pesticides or insecticides and needs a fraction of the water that cotton takes to grow.

Hemp fields turn and strengthens the soil with their 6 foot roots, cleaning soil and scrubbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

Everyone in a hemp tee by 2020™

Nitsa of Sun Potion

America was founded on hemp, both Presidents Washington and Jefferson grew hemp and the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp. Hemp is a natural resource that can be grown in every state.  

photo by Melaena Cadiz of Jeff Thrope

Everyone in a hemp tee by 2020™

Jungmaven® is an Internationally Registered Trademark of Men's Apparel