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We want Everyone in a Hemp Tee by 2020 to support legalized growing of industrial hemp for a healthier planet. 
Why Hemp?
Hemp farming cleans the air, water and nourishes the land helping mitigate climate change. Their deep roots need less water than similar crops like cotton, rice and wheat. Hemp carbon farms CO2 back in to the ground from our atmosphere. Hemp is one of the worlds best rotation crops and needs no (round-up) pesticides. It's organic, there is no GMO hemp.
Hemp has been grown for thousands of years for it's strength and simplicity in clothing.
The word canvas is derived from cannabis and has been worked with for sails, ropes, charts, maps and more helping man/woman navigate the world. 
When you look and feel good - you make better decisions. You always look and feel good in hemp.
The 100% Hemp is our favorite. It's like no other cotton or blend of cotton shirt. The yarn is dense which helps it drape and shape to your body. The slubby heavier weight 100% hemp gives the shirt depth and texture and feels like raw silk. The fabric is UV protectant, breathable and dries fast. Your skin is your largest organ on your body, 100% hemp is true body armor. 
Jungmaven® is an Internationally Registered Trademark of Men's and Women's Apparel

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