• Baja Pocket Tee - Neil Goss Tie Dye Limited Edition
  • Baja Pocket Tee - Neil Goss Tie Dye Limited Edition

Baja Pocket Tee - Neil Goss Tie Dye Limited Edition

$ 68.00

Neil Goss

It was roughly 2010 when I made the conscious effort to start using hemp as my primary fiber for art production. At the time, I was fine tuning my materials and processes to align with my beliefs and have as little impact on the Earth as possible. I tend to be fairly prolific and consume a good amount of materials so I wanted to be consuming materials that I morally support.

Being an artist means being a consumer in most cases. I wanted to be purchasing materials and supporting resources that can sustain the Earth and those living upon it. It was an easy decision for me to use hemp after discovering it’s many uses and environmental benefits such as soil remediation, CO2 absorption, and ease of growth to name a few.

When I first began using hemp, I was humbled due to its unique qualities as a yarn and it’s distaste for wanting to be naturally dyed. It is a fiber that one must learn to respect and learn to communicate with. I adore the strength, durability and versatility of hemp. It is truly a magical plant that offers infinite possibilities.

Hemp is an answer to so many of our current issues regarding our environment and life on Earth. It’s been exciting over the years to see the changes that are happening and the progress that is being made to bring hemp back into the forefront of American economy. It’s a material that one doesn’t need to feel bad about consuming. Quite the opposite actually. I’ll use hemp until the day I die. I look forward to having a good US-grown and processed hemp-yarn supplier in the very near future. 

Neil Goss lives in Asheville, NC and works both in the River Arts District in AVL as well as in the historic West Bottoms in Kansas City, MO. He focuses his art on Earth processes while responding to human impacts upon those processes in an attempt to unite not only humans but the human-Earth relationship.  In 2012 he received two BFA's in Design (Textiles and Ceramics) from the University of Kansas SOTA.   He has been dedicated to researching sustainable arts processes such as natural dyeing, weaving, utilizing hand-dug clay, and foraging art materials. Goss has taught workshops, installed public art and done artist talks from coast to coast in the United States.  He currently is a practicing professional artist and educator.  Most recently he was an artist-in-residence at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery in New York, NY hosted by the Textile Arts Center.

Baja Pocket Tee 7oz Tees naturally dyed in Asheville, NC (extremely limited editions - 1 or 2 per size)

Made in the USA with globally sourced materials 

JM: How did you create these tees?
Neil: I dyed the shirts in 4 different layers using sumac leaves, walnut hulls, onion skins, cochineal, madder root, goldenrod and turmeric. I then used iron to achieve the geometric areas. The woven patches are 100% hemp that I dyed and wove. 

Wash cold tumble dry. Enjoy


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