Unisex | Black + White
a Mikael Kennedy x Jungmaven Collaboration
100% HEMP
Made in Los Angeles, CA

 This season, in addition to Jungmaven we are stoked to launch Jung King in collaboration with Mikael Kennedy.

jung king hemp clothing

Mikael, what inspired Jung King?

I love the idea of a simple set of clothes you can live in, easily travel with and that only gets better with wear. Jung King is a collection for the modern creative - this line was inspired by the people who integrate their work and their passion into everyday life. I was drawn to the old photos of Picasso painting in a smock shirt, which inspired specific pieces in the collection. I imagined paint brushes sticking up from the pockets of the Chore Jacket and the Painters Coat was created as the perfect piece to throw on and walk out into the garden at night.

There's an understated elegance to Jung King, a richness of texture in the fabric. The weight of the cloth we used was extremely important and that's where I relied on Rob's passion and expertise. His vision for the ways to use hemp is unbelievable. He speaks of the cloth as if it's a member of his family, knowing how they'll act, move and breath.

The King motif is something that has appeared in my work for years. It's centered around this idea that we are here only once on earth and should live like conscious kings. Our lives should be rich and full of laughter, love and art. I feel most like a king when I'm out on the open road exploring, or sitting in the dirt by a camp fire drinking a beer, listening to the wind in the trees. The King vision is different for everyone and should be. Every moment of your life should be art including the clothing you wear.


Why Hemp?

Over the years, I developed an appreciation of textiles - a good design in bad fabric is nothing. I think there is something elemental when you are regarding the texture of a fabric in your hands. When I first met Rob and started working with and wearing Jungmaven I found something remarkable about how the fabric feels. My wife and I sleep in hemp now, make clothing for our daughter out of it. You can feel the life in the fabric. Over time, conversation of a collaboration unfolded organically. I had a few ideas in my head that I shared with him, he got excited and started pulling together fabrics, it was nearly a year of us just riffing off each other, I don't think you could make these pieces from another fabric, it had to be hemp.


Work Shirt / Civilian Pant

Chore Coat / Tunic

Painters Coat / Tunic

Painters Coat / Tunic / Scarf


Chore Coat / Tunic

Painters Coat Black + White / Tunic / Scarf

Civilian Pant / Stone Wash Jungmaven 10oz Tee


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