• 100% Hemp Moonshadow Tees - Size XX-Large
  • 100% Hemp Moonshadow Tees - Size XX-Large

100% Hemp Moonshadow Tees - Size XX-Large

$ 160.00


Jungmaven teamed up with Adriana Moreno from Moonshadow Goods in Portland, OR to create limited edition tees. Each 100% hemp tee is one of a kind and dyed using only seasonal natural dye made from plant matter, botanicals, natural extracts, spices and foraged materials.

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"These tee’s are an exploration into the ancient art of dyeing with seasonal flowers, plant matter, botanical's, natural extracts, and foraged materials.  Each tee was uniquely bundled and steamed for two hours using rain water.  The steam releases the pigment creating permanent patterns on to the cloth.  The plant material used is then added to my compost to return back to the earth.  Each tee is a one-of-a-kind piece made with thought and intention." - Adriana Moreno

Adriana uses dried flower petals, onion skins, marigolds, eucalyptus, maddor root extract, black beans, espresso beans, dahlias and other natural pigments.  Each shirt will come with a description of the specific plants and materials used to dye it.

Read more about Moonshadow Goods and our interview with Adriana HERE.

100% 6.8 oz Hemp Tee
Dyed naturally with natural dyes
Made in the USA with quality globally sourced materials
Machine wash cold, tumble dry warm

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