• Sun Potion - Eucommia Bark
  • Sun Potion - Eucommia Bark
  • Sun Potion - Eucommia Bark
  • Sun Potion - Eucommia Bark
  • Sun Potion - Eucommia Bark

Sun Potion - Eucommia Bark

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Sun Potion - Eucommia Bark (Wildcrafted) - 70g Jar

10:1 Cold Water Extract of Wildcrafted Eucommia Bark

This is a traditional Taoist Herb and Yang Jing Tonic

  • Contains bio-available Latex
  • May support the kidneys, joints, connective tissues, lower body, and whole-body flexibility.
  • May support Sexual Function
Long Form

Eucommia bark is derived from the eucommia tree which is native to China and the only cold-tolerate and rubber-producing tree. In prehistoric times, eucommia fossils indicate that its place of origin was previously in Europe and North America. Today, eucommia bark is found in China and used in traditional Chinese medicine. Eucommia bark, containing bio-available latex may help with wound healing since natural latex is a main component to the tree. Traditionally and now, eucommia bark is used as a tonic to treat issues dealing directly with the kidneys. In recent studies, its ability to help treat conditions in the lower part of the body have been shown effective, such as aching back and knees. While it is always best to consult your healthcare practitioner/herbalist while pregnant, studies have also shown to be successful for pregnancy-related conditions. In this recent study from the National Institute of Health, eucommia bark shows positive interaction with diabetes without altering blood glucose in type-1 diabetes.

Invitations for Use
MIx 2 grams in warm water, miso soup, or tea.


Contains 50 Servings.

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