10 Reasons to Love Hemp

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1. It Can Reverse Climate Change

Hemp consumes four times as much carbon dioxide as trees do. It has a short growing cycle, which makes it an incredibly effective crop for carbon farming– which is farming that reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions by capturing and holding carbon in vegetation and soil.

2. It Can Feed the World

A serving of hemp seeds fulfills the human daily requirement for protein and is a great alternative to meat. They’re rich in essential nutrients such as iron, magnesium and zinc that our bodies can’t make on their own. Hemp Oil contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent diseases related to inflammation. It could potentially be a key food source for world populations faced with malnutrition due to lack of food..

3. It Can Reduce Deforestation

One acre of hemp produces the same amount of paper in a year as four acres of trees. Hemp paper is also incredibly strong, resists decomposition and doesn’t discolor like wood pulp paper. It lasts so long it is often considered archival quality. All school books were made from hemp or flax paper until the 1880s, and the first drafts of the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence were drafted on hemp paper.

4. It Can Eliminate our Dependance on Plastic

Hemp fiber is incredibly strong and versatile, suited to become a highly functional bio-plastic that can be used to make everything from food wrappers to stealth fighter aircrafts. It’s easier to mold and weighs less than most other materials for composite paneling and is recyclable and biodegradable.

5. It Heals Soil

Hemp removes toxins and radioactive chemicals from the soil. Scientists planted it at Chernobyl to reduce soil toxicity after the nuclear disaster. It is a highly effective phytoremediation plant, meaning it restores balance to environments by cleaning the soil, air and water.

6. It’s Strong

Hemp fibers are far stronger and more durable than their cotton and synthetic counterparts. It is the longest, strongest, and most elastic natural vegetable fiber. The strength of hemp creates textiles that get softer with age and repeated washing, but won't lose integrity or shape like cotton. Hemp clothing is also breathable, naturally moisture-wicking and resistant to mold and fungi.

7. It Saves Water

Hemp farming uses very little water, about half as much as cotton. In order to farm the cotton for a single tee shirt and jeans, it takes approximately 5,280 gallons of water. A hemp tee and pants, comparatively, takes 80 gallons– which comes mainly from rainwater. Cotton is grown in parts of the world where water is scarce, and relies heavily on irrigation.

8. It reduces Pesticide use

The Cannabis plant doesn’t need pesticides to grow, and even better it can naturally repel pests. Hemp requires little or no fertilizer, and grows well almost everywhere.

9. You can Live in It

Homes with walls built from hempcrete are fire-resistant, bug-free, rot-free, and mold-free. Houses made from hemp are exceptionally quiet from exterior and interior noise. They are also 100 percent biodegradable and can be a way to live a carbon-neutral lifestyle– since the walls can actually sequester carbon.

10. It is close cousins with marijuana, hops, nettles and mulberries.

And that’s a family to Love.

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